The premier swivel screen accessory.

RotateMate replaces the entire bar that holds your screen in place (rather than being a simple attachment).

That's why we're the premier accessory to turn and tilt your Peloton® Original Bike screen.

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Do you wish you could turn and tilt your Original Bike screen?

Instead of craning your neck to see your next move or getting frustrated with finicky screen-casting, the RotateMate makes floor workouts a breeze by helping you turn and tilt your Original Bike screen with ease.

Replacing the entire bar that holds your screen in place, the RotateMate was created with maximum functionality and aesthetics in mind. It keeps your screen height the same, your screen always stays level, and your screen will forever stay sturdy and protected exactly how you want it to be.

Plus, it's easy to install, easy to use, and best of all, makes it easy to get the most out of your Original Peloton® Bike.

Please note: the product shown in the video above is the original RotateMate. We have now updated the RotateMate to be even easier to turn and tilt, meaning it no longer contains "the red thing" in its design.

Sturdy screen. Simple to turn. Stays level.

Floor workouts just got easier.

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What our community is saying...

I recently received my RotateMate and I am in love! It’s sturdy and I have no worries my precious screen could fall (like I was worried about with some of the cheaper competitors). The installation was super easy- they even sent a video I watched explaining it step by step. It was easy and very fast- it took only a few minutes. Anyone could do this! The rotating screen was the only aspect of the bike plus I was jealous of... and now I have it for a fraction of the cost! I love it for bike boot camp and when I stack strength classes after a ride. My kids love it for their Jess Sims Fit Family classes! They say the big screen is way better than my iPad! Thank you RotateMate- the daughter and dad duo! I recommend this to all my Pelo friends!


I just got mine & installed it, it works great, isn't a piece of junk like some other Pelo aftermarket accessories. You get what you pay for.


I received my RotateMate last night and hubby helped me assemble and connect it to my bike. It really was easy and fitted perfectly into my bike. I love my bike, I have it for 3+ years now and love it even MORE now that I can rotate it. So happy and inspired that I I danced this morning away with Jess and Rebecca with their 20 minutes FUN dance cardio, stacked it with a 45 minutes full body strength with Rebecca, stacked it more with a 20 minutes pop ride with Emma then stacked it finally with a 10 minutes stretching with Matty. Thank you so much for sharing your product! One happy girl here


Splurged on this instead of a bike plus upgrade since Apple TV is not for us. Love it! So simple to attach and works great! A feat of engineering! 


Just got mine. super easy to install and works great!


Highly recommend!!! Simple solution for my desire to turn my screen and saves me the need to upgrade my bike. Took me 10 minutes to install. Fantastic!!!


Just got mine and installed it. LOVE it. Truly. Was so happy to finally do a strength class where I didn't have to deal with casting my screen! Such a great product. Thank you!


Thank you. Received our RotateMate this week. Installed in a snap. Perfect, clear and simple instructions. Works great. Looks great.


I have been using this for a week and really enjoy it!


Meet the father-daughter team behind RotateMate!

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