Can I make my Original Bike screen swivel?

Turn & tilt your Original Bike screen without having to upgrade to the Plus.

RotateMate is the premier swivel screen accessory for the Original Bike.

One day last Fall my dad called me and said, “I did a thing, can you sell it?”

He's a P.E. teacher by day & inventor by night, and I've spent my whole life watching him draw top-tier solutions to common problems on napkins over dinner.

It was mid-pandemic and we had both just gotten our Original Bikes. I wanted to do more yoga and core trainings (anyone else part of the #hardCORE team?) and he needed to do more stretching.

So when he came up with a solution that was way more effective (& sleeker) than anything else out there, I couldn't help but say YES.

That's how the RotateMate was born.

If you're like us and want to turn & tilt your Original Bike screen, then get the premier swivel screen: the RotateMate.

Unlike other attachment-based swivel screen accessories, the RotateMate replaces the entire bar that holds your screen in place.

That may not sound all that important to you, but here's why it is:

By replacing the entire bar that holds your screen in place, the RotateMate:

  • Keeps your screen at the original height (instead of raising it 3-5 inches like an attachment does).
  • Stays sturdy during even the hardest of workouts. Previous customers who switched to the RotateMate from other options particularly appreciated this one!
  • Is SO easy to turn and tilt. Rather than the gymnastics you have to go through to turn and tilt attachment-based swivel screen accessories, all you have to do to use the RotateMate is turn and tilt it. Yep, it really can (& should) be that simple.
  • Has no chance of your screen becoming unlevel as you turn and tilt it. 

RotateMate is the premier swivel screen accessory because it replaces the entire bar that holds your screen in place.

My dad is a top-shelf kind of guy.

When he goes shopping for tools, he always buys the top shelf, (usually) most expensive option available. Why? Because he doesn’t want the cheapest option, he wants the best. 

He knows it’s going to last. He trusts the quality. And he’s a bit of an aesthetics snob, if we’re being honest.

When he was designing the RotateMate, he carried this ethos of top-tier quality, long-lasting value, and consistent ease of use into every part of the RotateMate's design.

And that, coupled with the fact that floor workouts & bike bootcamps are truly SO much easier & more enjoyable for me now, is what makes me so proud to bring my dads invention to people like you.

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