How do you pivot the Original Bike screen?

How do you pivot the Original Bike screen?

With the premier swivel screen accessory of course!

Shop the premier swivel screen accessory, RotateMate, today!

We all love cycling on our Original Bikes, but if you also love core workouts, bike bootcamps, strength workouts, yoga, barre, or boxing, you're gonna get tired of dealing with finicky screen casting or having to crane your neck to see your next move.

That's why my dad and I created the RotateMate.

Actually, he created it, I just sell it (& write things like this to help you find and choose the right swivel screen accessory for you!).

Pivoting your Original Bike screen has never been easier.

Make floor workouts with your Original Bike easier than ever before with RotateMate.

With the RotateMate, all you need to do is replace the bar that holds your screen in place (following our super quick & easy install video!) and then voila, easier floor workouts & bike bootcamps forever after.

In our first year, we sold over 1,000 RotateMate's and counting.

Here's what some of our customers have to say about their RotateMate swivel screen accessory:

"Just ordered yesterday. Can't wait! Thanks for innovating to meet the need and get this to market!"

"Just got mine and installed it. LOVE it. Truly. Was so happy to finally do a strength class where I didn't have to deal with casting my screen! Such a great product. Thank you."

"This is just THE BEST. Got mine the other day. Easy installation and now I can do all those floor exercises without bumping into my wall or bed. Best invention EVER!!! AND now you don't have to buy the [Plus model] which is a lot more expensive!"

I got mine a week ago, so happy I went for it! Love my strength workouts and this makes it easier!!
Just got mine. Super easy to install and works great!
You don't have to put up with finicky screen casting, bumping into walls, or craning your neck to see your next move ever again.
With the RotateMate, you're getting the premier swivel screen accessory for your Original Bike, making floor workouts easier than ever before.

Why choose RotateMate?

Unlike other attachment-based swivel screen accessories, the RotateMate replaces the entire bar that holds your screen in place.

That may not sound all that important to you, but here's why it is:

By replacing the entire bar that holds your screen in place, the RotateMate:

  • Keeps your screen at the original height (instead of raising it 3-5 inches like an attachment does).
  • Stays sturdy during even the hardest of workouts. Previous customers who switched to the RotateMate from other options particularly appreciated this one!
  • Is SO easy to turn and tilt. Rather than the gymnastics you have to go through to turn and tilt attachment-based swivel screen accessories, all you have to do to use the RotateMate is turn and tilt it. Yep, it really can (& should) be that simple.
  • Has no chance of your screen becoming unlevel as you turn and tilt it. 


If you're ready to turn & tilt your Original Bike screen with ease, shop RotateMate now.



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