We love our products, and we hope you do, too. That said, sometimes we might slip up, and sometimes, errors happen. Things like pricing or merchandise descriptions get mixed up, and then we look bad. While that stinks, what’s most important to us is that you’re happy. So while we can’t guarantee that all information on the site is always 100% accurate at any given time, if you do notice a mistake? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Since we can’t guarantee the products for your particular circumstances or purposes, nor the exact appearance or fit, we can guarantee that we’ll give you the best customer service we can to remedy the situation.

Additionally, many of you may want to know if the RotateMate voids the Peloton® warranty. We recommend that you contact a Peloton® representative to get an official verdict. You can view the Peloton® warranty here.