How to Install Your RotateMate

Congratulations on having received your RotateMate! We're so excited for you to install it and put it to good use as your floor workouts become easier than ever before!

Watch the video below to see how to install your RotateMate, or read the written instructions below. The video is shown in real time, meaning it should take about 10 minutes for you to have a screen that turns and tilts, so your yoga, strength, HIIT, and barre classes are all way easier (and still just as much fun!).

Here's how to install your RotateMate:

  1. Unplug Peloton from the wall.
  2. Disconnect 2 plugs on bottom, back of screen.
  3. Remove plastic end caps covering screen bolt.
  4. Using supplied tools, remove "Nut and Washer" holding the screen in place. DO NOT REMOVE THE BOLT.
  5. Have "Helping Hands" (aka a friend or family member) hold the screen while you slide "Bolt" out (Note: there are several washers that may fall out). If these washers fall out DO NOT PANIC—simply pick them up and set them aside. If you lose any, we've included extras just in case!
  6. Set screen face down on a soft surface.
  7. Using supplied "Hex" wrench (also know as "Allen" wrench), loosen the Bolt holding the "S" bar in place—this is the bar that held your screen, and it is located underneath the handle bars. 2 turns is plenty to loosen it!
  8. Remove the "S" bar. (You may need to wiggle it, or twist it just a little bit....)
  9. Install the RotateMate S bar by placing it where the original S bar was.
  10. Look at the inside of the red clamp and determine where the "ridge" is. Put the red clamp on the top of the S bar, with the ridge closer to the ground.
  11. Using the Hex wrench, tighten bolt holding the "S" bar (the same bolt in step 7!). Again, a couple turns is plenty.
  12. With screen laying face down, make sure the bottom of the screen is closer to you (the bottom of the screen is where the 2 power plugs are).
  13. On the back of the screen, install the RotateMate upper bar ("neck") with the "capped" side facing up. There are several bolts and washers here, and they are to be installed in this order: Black Plastic Washer, Black Plastic Washer, Peloton Bracket, Black Plastic Washer, RotateMate Neck, Black Plastic Washer, Peloton Mount, Black Plastic Washer, Black Plastic Washer, Nut. Please note that we have included 2 additional metal washers, in case you lose any of the Black Plastic Washers. Here's how to do this:
    1. Slide 2 black plastic washers onto the bolt (washer #1 and 2).
    2. Slide the bolt through Peloton bracket, just enough to add another (washer #3) Black Plastic Washer on the bolt on the inside of the bracket.
    3. Slide bolt through RotateMate Neck.
    4. Position another Black Plastic Washer (washer #4) between RotateMate Neck and Peloton Bracket.
    5. Slide bolt all the way through Peloton Bracket.
    6. Slide on another 2 black Plastic washers (washer #5 and 6).
    7. Twist on Nut and tighten snuggly to secure the RotateMate Neck in place.
  14. Ensure the Red Clamp is OPEN, with the "arm" of the clamp to one side of the bike.
  15. Lift screen (with attached RotateMate "Neck") onto RotateMate "S" bar, ensuring the black cap on the Neck is facing upward.
  16. Align screen to your preferences; you may need to loosen/tighten the bolt and nut in order for the screen to tilt up and down smoothly. If the bolt is too loose, the screen will not stay in position. If the bolt is too tight, the screen will not move freely. Set the tightness by turning the nut 1/4 of a turn at a time until you find a happy medium.
  17. Reinstall plastic end caps to cover the bolt on the back of the screen.
  18. Plug in 2 plugs on bottom of screen.
  19. Plug into wall and have fun! REMEMBER: always open the red clamp BEFORE turning your screen.


  • We have included 2 Silver Washers as EXTRAS, just in case you lost the Black Plastic Washers. If you do not use these, feel free to turn them into earrings or put them in your tool box for later use.
  • Over time you may need to add a 1/4-1/2 twist to keep screen snug.
  • Always open the red clamp before turning your screen.
  • Never use the RotateMate to move or lift your Peloton.